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  • Our operations is primarily marine based - to give our customers full flexibility where they do their drilling operations, independent of country and region, with a fully integrated logistic chain for cuttings, containers and fluid handling

  • Our technology shall be environmentally world leading and always comply to the highest international standards to protect the environment

  • Extensive cost savings compared with traditional solutions, because of:

  • Reduced logistics

  • Reduced rental of Mud skips / Drill cutting bins

  • Less handling / personnel

  • Less offshore and no onshore crane lifts

  • Huge savings on vessel costs

  • Less fuel

  • No onshore trucking

  • No onshore processing

  • Our vessel can be used for other logistics / freight forwarding / storage

  • No onshore infrastructure needed


  • In addition our solution:

  • Improve QHSE / Risk management

  • Operate to the highest international environmental standards

  • Require only one contract with one reliable supplier

  • Our “Floating Factory” move and operate in line with offshore drilling activities worldwide

Traditional waste handling- todays model
todays model.PNG
The big picture of tomorrows model:
the big picture of tomorrows handling.PNG
green disruptive model.PNG
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