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  • Our disruptive model challenges today's standards and represents a Greener Alternative



  • We treat oil-contaminated drill cuttings, sludge and waste water offshore in a much more environmental friendly new way

  • Our environmental-friendly operations give customers full flexibility where they do their drilling operations, independent of country and region. In addition, we provide a fully-integrated logistics chain for cuttings and fluid handling.

  • Our world-leading and pioneering green technology always complies to the highest international standards to protect the environment

  • Extensive reduction of carbon footprint compared to standard drilling waste operations

  • Improved QHSE/ Risk Management

  • Substantial cost savings and reduced logistics

Ferdocean Shipping AS deploy BAT/BEP solutions based on in-house and cooperation partner’s technology. 

The waste treatment system will consist of various treatment steps to handle the varieties of received drill cuttings and wastewater. The main systems will be based on proven and best available technology.


The main goal is to re-use the water for other applications, hence dissolved salts and other contaminants concentration has to be reduced to 00. 


The treatment facility can, amongst others, be designed to provide the following services:


  • Receive, handle and store waste water and drill cuttings

  • Treatment of oil contaminated drill cuttings

  • Treatment of other oil contaminated sludge

  • Treatment of waste water

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