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Invest in Ferdocean Shipping?

Ferdocean Shipping
- The Greener Alternative

Today’s waste from drilling operations are sent onshore for processing. Waste treatment currently is inefficient and not environmental-friendly. Moreover, it is connected to high cost, unnecessary logistics and lifting hazards.

Our disruptive and environmental friendly concept challenges today's standards and represents a Greener Alternative:

  • We treat oil-contaminated drill cuttings, sludge and waste water offshore onboard customized PSV`S in a much more environmental friendly new way

  • Our environmental-friendly vessels give customers full flexibility where they do their drilling operations, independent of country and region. In addition, we provide a fully-integrated logistics chain for cuttings and fluid handling.

  • Our world-leading and pioneering green technology always complies to the highest international standards to protect the environment

  • Extensive reduction of carbon footprint compared to standard drilling waste operations

  • Improved QHSE/ Risk Management

  • Substantial cost savings and reduced logistics

Join us on our journey

This autumn, Ferdocean Shipping AS will make a share issue to strenghten further growth, and the company invites existing and new shareholders to join us on the exciting journey ahead.

Register your interest and receive our investor presentation

Please give us your contact information by filling out the form below. We will send you information about our goals and strategy, and how you can invest in our company

Thank you for your interest in our company!

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